The Yoga of Deep Awareness and Transformation

Kundalini yoga is a technique of awareness which works on the body, the mind and the soul. Regular practice of kundalini yoga will deepen the growth process.  It will increase your radiance and expand your life.  Kundalini Yoga helps to to develop the neutral mind and its capacity for intelligence, endurance and integrity.

Kundalini yoga is a physical and meditative discipline that combines asanas (postures), mudras (hand positions), pranayama (breath), and mantra (chanting).  Through the practice of yoga, the dormant energy at the base of the spine is raised and travels up the spine, through the chakras, creating an overall sense of well being and a heightened sense of awareness.

Regular practice of kundalini yoga gives you the vitality and health that is natural to all human beings.  It is a potent and effective system of self-transformation and personal development, it stimulates individual growth through systematic techniques that strengthen the nervous system and balance the glandular system (the guardians of health), for increased stability and vitality. Meditation improves mental concentration, sharpens awareness and gives the direct experience of consciousness.

Kundalini Yoga encompasses and draws from all yogic systems and techniques.

Key Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

  • Strengthens the body & calms the mind
  • Improves health & vitality levels
  • Slows the ageing process
  • Improves sexual energy
  • Releases fears and limiting patterns
  • Experience of our highest consciouness

Origin of Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga was never taught publicly until Yogi Bhajan, Ph. D. challenged the age-old tradition of secrecy.  In his compassionate wisdom, Yogi Bhajan brought Kundalini Yoga to the United States in 1969.  Since then, it has spread all over the world.  He wrote, “I am sharing these teachings to create a science of the total self.  It is the birthright of every human being to be healthy, happy and holy.”

Kundalini Yoga was designed for those who live in the world, who have families and jobs, and who want to balance the inner and outer world. Kundalini Yoga fits the busy lives that most of us lead. It is effective, efficient and easy. People who practice Kundalini Yoga say they can feel changes in the body and psyche within a few minutes, and experience even deeper changes through regular practice.

A few tips before your first Kundalini Yoga class

In Kundalini class the breathing is through the nose. The focus of the eyes and the attention is on the third eye (the eyebrow centre) during asana (postures) and meditation.
A typical Kundalini Yoga Class:
•    Tune in  – Adi Mantra « Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo »
•    Warm up exercices
•    The Kriya – The specific sequence – working with a particular chakra, area of the body for the specific effects.
•    Relaxation  – Deep relaxation that allows the body to rest, rejuvenate integrating and  settling all the systems.
•    Meditation  – It is a necessary complement to physical yoga exercise. The exercises in the kriya bring the body and mind to a state where deep meditation is easily achieved.
•    Ending with 3 long « Sat Nam »

Each class is different and has its own theme and projection as we work with different parts of the body and energy centers. I recommend taking at least 7 Kundalini classes so that you can get a full experience of Kundalini Yoga.