The Retreat

This is a women’s retreat which is specially designed for women to come together and experience their own femininity. Their own softness. Their own heart. It is very important and never more so than now with so many responsibilities, that women work on themselves. Women are the heart of our families which are the heart of our communities and if womens’ hearts are hardened, then so too are our families and our communities. Women give rise to depth of emotion and help increase the emotional intelligence of our families and our communities. On this retreat we take time out from the world, away from our responsibilities for a moment in time to rest, to focus on ourselves, to release old emotional patterns that no longer serve and to connect with ourselves and our fellow women, our sisters.

Women’s Retreat

Women’s Retreat

Nourish and nurture yourself

When we retreat (from the world) into ourselves, something deep within us is accessed.  We nourish ourselves in a new way.  In a way that we long for in our very active lives but in a way that perhaps we know that we are capable of but rarely find the time and energy.  When we retreat, our senses are sharpened, we become more in tune with our inner selves, our inner voice, our intuition and something changes.  On this retreat, we will slow down and come to rest.  We will take all that is not essential out of our experience and nourish our minds and bodies at a deep level. 


Our deeper selves are accessed, channelled through the practice of yoga, meditation, writing, walking, emotional release, holistic bodywork and juice fasting.


While yoga is a useful tool for exercising and stretching our physical body as well as nourishing and townifying our organs and assisting with the detoxification process, our yoga practice is for the mind. It helps to calm and balance our mind utilising the breath as our primary focus. You do not need to have practiced yoga before, our classical Indian yoga is suitable for beginners as well as intermediate practitioners.


We use a method of guided mediation called Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep as it is commonly known. Yoga Nidra is an immensely powerful meditation technique, and one of the easiest yoga practices to develop and maintain making it suitable for beginners but it is also highly beneficial for regular meditators. The practitioner rests comfortably in savasana (lying down), and is systematically taken through the layers of self, leaving us with a sense of wholeness. Some of the many benefits include stress and anxiety reduction, the promotion of emotional wellness, the development of self awareness and greater consciousness, increases concentration span, improves sleep and with regular practice can lower blood pressure along with a healthy lifestyle.


It is the words we think, speak and write that hold all the power of creation.  Our words and thoughts, felt and spoken indeed create our reality.  On this retreat, through the practice of creative writing, we will explore the magic of co-creating a new life through clearing our old stories.  We will learn to change how we think and speak as our writing takes us into a new place in our lives.  There is something about the written word that solidifies, clarifies, crystalises and galvinises.  


Walking is one of the most natural forms of exercise that we can do. In fact, we are designed to walk but not on flat surfaces like on a road or on a pavement. We are designed to walk on undulating surfaces as in nature. Walking stimulates our digestive system, brings fresh oxygen which nourish our cells, tones our muscles, circulatory system, lungs etc. Walking is one of the most profound ways in which we can heal bodies and maintain good health.


Our bodies hold memories of all our experiences including all kinds of traumas. So we may be aware of certain events in our lives and we may have dealt with them at the emotional and psychological levels, but we haven’t necessarily dealt with them at the physical level. We will learn how to release these emotions that are stuck in our bodies which ultimately and powerfully hold us back from truly changing the way we see, think and feel about ourselves. When we release these old emotions, we develop new neural pathways that lead us to deeply caring about and loving ourselves which brings about a fresh energy to live our lives the way we want.

Juice Fasting

Fasting has long been practiced by so many who have come before us who have fasted as a tool to access their deeper selves, to cleanse the body and purify the mind.  This has a strong effect on us as we open to a deeper connection within and without. The result is that we start looking at our lives and where we are with a fresh and clear vision.  With this clarity it becomes easier to guide and direct our lives into the lives of our own choosing. 

This is a deep level detox.  First you will detox at the physical level which is incredibly important if you want to reach the emotional and mental levels.  You will lose weight (if you need to), you will get strong from the physical walking in nature everyday and from the yoga. All you need is an open mind and a willingness to know and understand yourself more deeply.

Re-introducing food

After we have completed the fasting part of the detox and done the hard work, we will re-introduce food back into your diet leaving your body feeling purified, nourished and satisfied. We use Ayurvedic principles in our food preparation and encourage a sattivik diet which is food that includes seasonal fresh fruit, ample fresh vegetables, whole grains, pulses, sprouts, nuts, seeds, honey, fresh herbs and spices. In Ayurveda, these foods raise our sattva or our consciousness levels. Sattvik foods are cooked and eaten with love, gratitude and awareness.



The seven day retreat includes re-introducing fruit in the form of a nourishing smoothie on the last day of the retreat.


The nine day retreat includes re-introducing nourishing vegetarian or vegan food back into our diet on day 7, 8 and 9.

The whole time there was a blessing. I cannot express how much I loved the entire experience. From the detox, juices, long walks yoga and meditation. Plus the people I met were incredible and I hope to stay friends with them for my lifetime.
— Donnel Borash, Botswana, February 2019

The Retreat includes

  • Accommodation in beautiful en-suite bedrooms with balconies

  • Nutrient dense freshly squeezed juices for 6 days

  • Ayurvedic vegan meals for the last 3 days

  • Colon cleanse with psyllium husks

  • Daily mediation

  • Emotional release

  • Writing workshops

  • Daily yoga

  • Vitamin rich veggie broths

  • Freshly pressed almond milk

  • Educational films sure to inspire

  • Juice recipes

  • Pool

  • Superfood boosters (delicious and nutritious)

  • Two full body holistic massages or therapies

  • Nature walks on the farm