Connect to Nature

The Wild Woman's Nature Retreats are about connecting to nature. Getting back to the source and freeing ourselves from the constraints of technology and the fast paced life we tend to live. To take a moment to connect to heart.

Authentic Communication

Women have been gathering in circles since the beginning of time to share stories and the wisdom that comes from experience.  Our Wild Woman's Nature Retreats are a gentle and safe space for women of all ages and backgrounds to come together and share their experience, to have fun, be free and feel deep connection to self, each other and nature.  Authentic communication, creative expression, movement art and sacred ceremony are some of the ways that we will be communing.  


Yoga and nature walks

There will be daily mindful yoga practice, nature walks and evening meditation, the benefits of which are far reaching along with our plant based eating.  Some of the benefits of this retreat include weight loss, clearer skin, mental clarity and a new found energy as we connect with our deeper selves and with each other in a safe space.  By getting back to basics we allow ourselves to turn within, releasing negative patterns that do not serve our authentic selves. This retreat is for anyone who wants to get their power back, gain insights into and have the tools to kick start their new healthy lifestyle.  Everyone is welcome on this delicious and empowering journey of self discovery.

Disconnect with technology and reconnect with:-

  • Ourselves and other women in an open heart space
  • Nature
  • Our sense of wonder and adventure
  • Our creative expression
  • Our vulnerability
  • Our deepest fears and desires
  • Our sensuality
My weekend at the farm was nothing short of amazing. It came at the perfect time in my life when I was feeling rather depleted. Carly’s hospitality was incredible, she whips up the most amazing vegan meals that keep you on top of the world. The retreat is beautiful and the time spent with wonderful women allowed me to step into my power and break down trust barriers. Highly recommend for anyone needing relaxation and a bit of a reset. PS: the yoga and massages were also incredible! There’s too much to mention...... Just Go! It’ll be good for you.
— Sharné Manicom, September 2017 Wellness Yoga Retreat

The retreat includes

  • Accommodation in beautiful en-suite bedrooms with balconies
  • All vegan/vegetarian meals
  • Daily nature walks
  • Daily mindful yoga
  • Evening meditation
  • Medicinal herb workshop
  • 2 sweat lodge ceremonies (7 day retreat)
  • Moon ceremony
  • Self development workshop
  • Horse riding