Our kidneys are one of the our most vital organs in our bodies.  About 200 liters of blood pass through our kidneys every day.   Our kidneys are our bodys' defense mechanism and remove about 2 liters of waste and excess water from our body through urine daily.  The amount of toxins that enter the kidneys cause major diseases.   Food that cause the most harm to our kidneys are processed foods, animal protein, artificial sweeteners, carbonated drinks, caffeine and cigarettes not to mention environmental toxins.  

Our diets and lifestyles have significantly changed over the past few hundred years and even the air we breathe, the quality of the food we eat has changed.  Is it any wonder we are becoming sick

Natural Kidney Cleansing Juice

This juice can help you clean your kidneys fast enabling them to function normally helping you to flush your body of toxins and keep your body healthy.  This juice is so simple you won't believe it.  And it's delicious. 

8 large carrots
2 green apples and
1 large cucumber.

How to prepare the juice
Wash the ingredients. Peel the carrots, apples and cucumbers. Cut the carrots in smaller pieces. Slice the apples and cucumbers. Pass through a juice extractor and drink on a daily basis.

How it works:

Carrots contain a high level of beta carotene, a form of vitamin A that can help the kidneys to properly clear the toxins from the blood and that way prevent urinary infections. Beta carotene can also reduce inflammation and repair some damaged structures of the kidneys. Pectin that is also present in the carrots is very useful diuretic even more powerful than synthetic ones.

Apples are kidney friendly food that contains antioxidants and vitamin C that help against harmful substances.

Cucumbers are famous for being the best kidney cleaners. They can wash off sand and stones from your kidneys and bladder. With their regular use the level of uric acid in the body normalizes and that way prevents formation of stones and similar structures.

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