Most of us are not aware of the importance of the liver and its role in our digestive process and in fact the connection to all of our organs proper function.  Our liver is responsible for processing, converting, distributing and maintaining the nutrients coming from the foods we eat.  When we don’t give our bodies optimal nutrition we overload the liver and the functions become impeded and the health of every cell in our body is affected.  We make many mistakes that we are simply unaware of such as eating processed foods with chemical additives, artificial sweetners, stress, unbalanced lifestyles, pharmaceuticals and environmental toxins and as time passes our livers begin to reveal signs of it's struggle to process all these foreign substances.  The liver bile ducts become clogged with deposits of hardened bile which ultimately cause digestive function impairment.  Over time this becomes a major cause of illness. 

If you have persisting difficulties in your physical and emotional health, your liver may be congested with these deposits of hardened bile.  Emotionally this may present as fear, anger, sadness, impatience, depression and discontent.  When we are healthy in our body, our mind and emotional life is also healthy.  Cleansing the liver of these hardened bile deposits can help restore balance, harmony and happiness in every facet of our lives. 

Some of the symptoms you may experience if your liver is overtaxed are: 

Digestive problems

Weak eyesight

Recurring headaches

Skin disorders

Irregular menstrual cycle

Painful menstruation

Weight gain


Premature ageing

Bloated intestines


Bowl problems

Lack of concentration


Joint pain

Loss of memory

Back pain

Food cravings




Puffy eyes

Liver spots

Coated tongue

Teeth problems

Of course cleansing the body of all of these toxins is of utmost importance to our continuing health.  A juice cleanse is definitely a good start to cleaning out our systems and including a liver detox in our cleansing process to help sweep the liver of potentially thousands of ‘stones’ that block the bile ducts will go a very long way to resetting your body and ultimately your life.   

For information on how to perform a cleanse on your own at home, please follow the link: Hulda Clark's liver cleanse

We are now offering an optional liver cleanse on our juicing retreats because we have found that while juicing is an excellent and profound cleansing technique, that cleansing the liver provides an even deeper and often essential reset and start to changing your lifestyle.  See our upcoming retreats.