Why is the retreat trend just so hot right now? All of us know someone who is attending a retreat, hosting a retreat or working on a retreat and there is good reason. Retreats offer an opportunity to push the pause button on our lives, to remove negative practices, to detoxify, exercise or do yoga, relax, educate ourselves, love and care for ourselves and to develop a relationship with our inner being. Some of us are looking for a way to reset our bodies, to improve our health, others are looking for mental clarity and a moment to remove ourselves from the crazy lives we live and rejuvenate , and still others are looking for deeper personal growth.

The trend towards activities that foster consciousness and connection is born out of a paradigm shift in our day to day reality. We are no longer interested in being slaves to society as we are all awakening and dreaming of a fulfilling and fun life. Waking up to the idea that “I am the master of my own reality” and can be do and have anything I want. Conventional holidays may still hold sway but wellness holidays actually give us a whole lot more than simply relaxing.

  1. Retreating removes us from our day to day lives

    Life can be stressful. There is so much to do in our daily lives and this fact often makes it impossible to fulfil our goals or even to know what it is that we want out of life. We are often just on a treadmill. Sometimes we just need to stop what we are doing, go away on our own and take time for ourselves alone.

  2. Healthy food and detoxing

    There is no better teacher to teach us how to look after our health better than experience. Even if we live fairly healthy lives, all of us need a little help bringing balance back into our lives. In this fast paced life that we live, we often don’t know where to start and instead of remaining stuck in bad food choices, we can do something about it by removing old habitual foods and replacing them with whole organic and plant based foods.

  3. Practice yoga and exercise

    Many of us want to start up or return to our yoga practice or find the energy to begin exercising again. Even if we are regular yoga practitioners or fitness enthusiasts. A retreat offers us the greatest opportunity to take time away from the world and just look after ourselves. After a retreat, we not only feel rested, reset but we feel fit and strong and have the strength to continue on our path to maintaining our wellness and fitness goals.

  4. Gain mental clarity

    This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of retreating. We’re just tired of living in a brain fog all the time. Our responsibilities to the world, poor diets and not enough exercise can contribute to not only feeling physically exhausted but mentally exhausted also. A retreat allows us to stop the noise, meditate and once again think clearly.

  5. Self Love

    Self love does seem to be a buzz word and there is good reason for this. More and more of us are realising that we cannot function in this world unless we take care of ourselves first. Taking care of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual lives allows us the freedom to not only live the lives that we want but also to help nurture others. Self love has far reaching effects as it impacts every choice we make from who to date, what work to do, how to live and caring for our families. Self love has an effect on every single area of our lives, making this a way more positive world than it has been so far.

  6. Learn the knowledge of the sages

    Going on a retreat allows us access to ancient wisdom and knowledge. Retreat hosts have taken the time to study practices that have almost been lost but are now being rediscovered bringing the wisdom through the ages back into our reality. They have taken the time to develop and are now coming into their own as teachers and leaders of our society. Not because they have gained through business but because of the dedication to develop themselves. Find out about our women’s retreats in India and Norway.

  7. Lasting Effects

    One of the most lasting effects that we experience after completing a retreat is gratitude. Gratitude is a virtue that we develop through connecting to our own inner being and allowing us to connect with all that we are grateful for in our personal world. It is gratitude itself that leads to greater awareness and creativity. This will stay with us long after the physical effects of wellbeing have diminished. It’s time to go on a retreat.