Emotional Release

We all have moments in our lives when we feel overwhelmed, extremely sensitive or suddenly bursting into tears because our emotions get the better of us and we just cannot help it. We have all had moments like this when we cry and cry and cry. Like when a sad movie triggers deepest hurts. We have all had moments when we exploded uncontrollably with rage because we’ve been bottling up our anger for so long that it just comes out. These experiences are part of the phenomenon known as Emotional Catharsis.

Emotional catharsis is an unconscious emotional reaction in which our suppressed emotions are displayed in all their rawness. It is often associated with situations where we’re feeling vulnerable or triggered.  Because it is such an intense expression of emotion there is a great possibility this might spoil our relationships and leave us feeling regret or remorse.

However, it is possible to release emotions consciously with awareness and in a safe and secure environment. Many people wonder whether this conscious catharsis is dangerous, but although it is often quite dramatic, the conscious process of releasing emotion is never dangerous. It’s actually very liberating as it takes us beyond the intellectual assessment of difficult situations we are in. Instead, we learn not to suppress our emotions as we release the turmoil that we are keeping hidden deep down inside us. Ultimately, it helps us to understand and express what we are truly feeling.

Woman crying during emotional catharsis.

Transformational Retreats

On our Deep Cleansing Juice Detox Retreats we offer an holistic experience: cleansing of body and mind through detoxification with a juice fast, insights into the Ayurvedic lifestyle and nutrition, cleansing yogic techniques, body work and healing which will gently guide you towards accessing the deeper levels of transformation. Transformation is a life-long process, it is a journey from head to heart to being; from physical body to emotional body to spiritual well-being. Conscious emotional catharsis, eventually leads to connecting with one’s essence, with being human, with being simple and uncomplicated.

Many of us today whether we work in highly stressful jobs, or keep our families together, simply cannot relax because of unavoidable stress situations we experience through the day. We cannot buy relaxation. Difficult situations, stress and negativity are emotions that get bottled up over time. And if these emotions are suppressed, kept underground, if they are not opened up, they cause illnesses and emotional disturbances.

Even the most balanced and healthy people need to relax. All of us have shadows and light – this is natural and there is an art to learn how to deal with our shadows.


It’s a calling

Releasing these emotions, taking off layers of conditioning is not easy, however, people know when to listen to their inner voice, when the time has come to work on themselves, to dive deeper and come out lighter with renewed creativity and energy flow. It is a calling that you will hear in your heart of hearts.

Sabbatical for the mind

In the old days people went on pilgrimages to holy sites to find their inner self. Our retreats offer modern day arrangements with the best facilities and amazing results in a relatively short space of time.

Over six days we can achieve a lot together to open new pathways towards mindfulness and set you on a new path. Change is not easy, particularly a change which affects your mental, emotional and spiritual levels but by taking it step-by-step, we guide you on a journey to hear your own heart. In this way, we empower you to move forward in your own life.

Emotional Release