Almonds are amazing little power detoxifying nuts. They contain healthy fats, fiber, protein, magnesium and vitamin E. The benefits of almonds include lowering blood sugar levels, and reducing blood pressure and lowering cholesterol. Have a handful of almonds and reduce hunger while promoting weight loss.

It really doesn't get easier than making fresh almond milk.  There are two ways that you can do it and both involve soaking the almonds over night.  When you have a lot of almond milk to make the way I do on our detox retreats then the first method is the quickest and easiest.  But if you have just a little to make then it's a very good idea to use the second method.  The ratio almonds is one to 4.  So one cup of almonds (before soaking) to 4 cups of water.  

Soak almonds overnight

Almond Milk 1

Ladle the nuts and water into the juicer at the same time until all the water and nuts become milk.  

Almond Milk 2

Blend the nuts with a little water in the blender until you make a paste.  Add your water and mix.  Then, pass your almonds through a nut bag.  That's it.  

Almond Pulp

Lots and lots of uses. I'm gonna make hummus with it.


Almond Pulp Hummus

Pulp from one batch of almond milk. I make a litre at a time.

1 clove of garlic

3 tbs tahini

Juice of 2 lemons

Olive oil

Salt to taste

Paprika to taste

Blend the almond pulp in the blender. Add the garlic, tahini, salt and paprika. You may need a little water. Add a little olive oil and a little lemon juice alternately until the hummus is made. That's it.

Dry Almonds in the oven or dehydrator

These seed breads are so delicious and nutritious and are intact full of protein.  You could be forgiven for thinking they taste just like little breads.  You can store them in the fridge for a about a week or if you are not going to use them up immediately you can freeze them for about a month.  Remember they have no preservatives in them so gobble them up right away.  

Almond Seed Breads

Two cups almond pulp

Quarter cup almond flour 

Tbsp psyllium husks

Handful of mixed seeds

Salt and pepper to taste

Mix all the ingredients together and by hand and place on a sheet of wax baking paper. Shape with your hands flattening the mixture. Score with a butter knife or a rubber spatula. Bake in the oven for 40 minutes.  Allow to cool and serve with toppings of your choice.  

Make Almond Flour

In your blender....

Dry or even roast your almonds.  If using a dehydrator, then leave it to dry for about 3 hours.  You can also dry them in the oven on a low temperature.  Roasting them is also a really great idea.  I like to roast them, mix them with date jam made from soaking dates in hot water, rolling into little balls and pouring raw chocolate over them.  Enjoy.

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